This mod makes all road surfaces simulate extreme ice conditions.
It is ment to be used with frosty_ats_v4_5 OR Dalton_Elliot_Hwy_Winter_map.
It can be used without either and you can simulate black ice.
It should be used with steering wheel.
Steering wheel will feel off center. This is supposed to happen. Don’t let go!
Driving in towns will take some relearning on corners. Slow speed will turn
however the faster you go the more chance of loosing traction and you go straight.
The Trailer will not wobble like other winter mods but it will slide sideways.
Your truck itself will have less traction in front tires when moving forward.
The faster you are going on a curve or street corner the straighter you will slide.
Your traction in the back duels or traction tires will slide sideways
on corners and curvers kind of like drifting.
and dont count on your breaks for to much. They will stop you at a light
but if you are going to fast down a mountain you got a big problem.
This mod will cause unpredictable slides and sudden pulls to left or right.
All effects of the mod can be compensated for IF you have the right stuff.
If you take your time to learn to drive on ice you can still get going
50, 60, even 70 if you dare. Watch out! Speed is you enemy on ice!


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What is this mod use for

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