Reitnouer Maxmiser V 1.2 ATS

Reitnouer Maxmiser V 1.2 ATS

Reitnouer Maxmiser for ATS 1.6

Trailer has 3 Variants:
7 Axle
4 Axle
2 Axle (53ft)

Corby, Dro Modding,B4RT Modding
Corby for the base model
Dro Modding for adaptaion to ATS, and editing original Model.
B4RT Modding For The Curtainside and Skins
Kyle ATS For Aditional Skins On Curtainside And Phot Cred

This is setup for 1.6 with lift axles

Alot of time and effort went into the making of this trailer from its beginnings in Haulin to the final product here.

[orange]This is not to be uploaded anywhere else or used in any trailer packs of any kind. Please respect this.

Corby, DroModding, B4RT Modding

What is this mod use for

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