Real Diesel Prices Week 3 for ATS

Real Diesel Prices Week 3 for ATS

When distributing the modification, keep the original (copyright) links and rights!
The basis of prices, taken the average cost of diesel fuel in the state!

-This mod should have the highest priority over other economic modifications!
-Updates every week.

WEEK 3 Changes:
-Actualized prices for diesel fuel in the states on 2.20.2019
-Now the version will be indicated not by the full date, but by the number of weeks that have passed since the release of the first version of the mod.

Prices are valid only for current states by default
-Arizona: $2.47
-California: $3.04
-Nevada: $2.71
-New mexico: $2.49
-Oregon: $2.61

For the rest of the states (added by mods) prices are about realistic.


What is this mod use for

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