And a feature list of current beta version 0.1:
-Truck is built in a similar to official SCS DLC manner
-Truck appears in multiple variants in Kenworth dealership
-3 cabin types
-4 chasis types (well 6, 2 are doubled, they will be replaced with separate models in later updates)
-Each chasis can have multiple fueltanks variants installed (purely cosmetic)
-3 types of hoods
-Each hood has tuning parts fitted for it
-All new propper tuning parts
-Many tuning parts adapted from W900

Known issues:
-Some parts like hoods, fueltanks are not attached by default at the dealership, def files for those will be changed when more new parts appear
-No matter which hood is installed only “stock” variant is visible in interior view
-Parts attached to hood (deflector, hood mirrors) do not display properly, or do not display at all in interior view, I’m still testing skin compatibility for the hood models
-all 3 hoods have a small shadow mistake, only visible from certain angle, this will be fixed at a later stage
-there are no skinning templates yet, W900 skins kinda work, but hoods aren’t mapped properly
-there are no models for “Medium” and “Long +” chasis yet, I will add them at a later stage. I left them to avoid conflicts with dealership def files

To do list:
-more cab variants
-additional “behind cab” accessories
-2 more chasis variants
-more tuning parts (suggestions wellcome)

GT-Mike, SCS-Software

What is this mod use for

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