ATS DOUBLE-TRAILERS V3.0 1.4.X – 1.5.Х MOD Trailer

ATS DOUBLE-TRAILERS V3.0 1.4.X – 1.5.Х MOD Trailer

Pak trailers of the three models:
– large (paired, while turning the cart does not work)
– Medium (normal)
– small (with a separate seat cart)
– Registered individual slots and goods.

For versions of the game 1.4.x – 1.5.х
What’s new:

1. Added coloring.
2. Remade all registration of cargoes.
3. Altered taillights.

jekich1,SCS,Stas556,Mishanka,Fire-Blade,NN-Mihail,Robert Bogdanov,Marc LION,Smith.

What is this mod use for

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